Toshiba satellite A300 C300 laptop randomly power off

Toshiba satellite A300 C300 laptop randomly power off

Toshiba this series Laptop this was a common fault on your motherboard.

The symptoms are when you working, watching movies, music or any other activity program on laptop its self turn off suddenly. You can clearly heard the hard disk clapping noise. Its like you turn off the laplop by long press power key. No shutdown procedure or hibernate just turn on. It like a power cut on your pc with out UPS device. Sometime it can effect these things too windows blue screen errors, won’t work with adapter, won’t install OS, white screen , CPU is overheating The reason for all same.

What is the Problem with toshiba laptop ?

There is a lots of chance it happen with your faulty Nec tokin 0e907 or Nec tokin 0e128 cpu power side High Speed Decoupling Capacitor chip. This Capacitor smoothing your cpu power when it's faulty  its not good smooth power to cpu its a reason for crash your laptop.

Nec tokin 0e907How to confirm Nec tokin faulty  ?

Here is a easy step you can follow to confirm about nec tokin

  1. Go to your BIOS settings.
  2. Navigate "Dynamic cpu frequency mode" under Advanced tab.
  3. Change the mode "Dynamic" to "Always Low".
  4. Save and Exit. 
After you done these steps then your laptop working fine then the problem is 99% with  Nec tokin Capacitor.

How to fix - the Solution

The best way is replacing the Capacitor. but most Nec tokin Capacitor are made with plastic outer and its smd one (surface mount device) so using hot are gun its burn out. because we can not replace Nec tokin simply. What we do now ?

Take 4 330uf 2.5V SMD tantalum capacitors Soldering it Instead Nec tokin Capacitor as the below picture showing.
nec tokin replacement smd tantalum capacitor 330 2.5v

Congratulation!! All done now you can turn your "Dynamic cpu frequency mode" again to "Dynamic" from your BIOS menu. 

No your laptop randomly suddenly power off fixed.
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